Data Dive 2012

Ann Arbor welcomed the first A2 Data Dive on Feb. 10-12, 2012. Community members and students gathered to crunch data from two area non-profits.

2012 Non-profits

Focus: HOPE Logo

Since its founding in 1968, Focus: HOPE has gained national renown with its work improving the lives of all Detroit residents, regardless of race, economic status, national origin, or religious persuasion. Its efforts include a food program, career training, and its HOPE Village initiative. Focus: HOPE works toward the goal that by 2031, 100 percent of those in the village will be educationally well-prepared, economically self-sufficient, and live in a safe and supportive environment.

African Health Open Educational Resources Network LogoThe African Health Open Educational Resources (OER) Network (est. 2008) aims to advance health education in Africa by creating and promoting free, open licensed teaching materials created by Africans to share knowledge, address curriculum gaps, and support health education communities. The Network is a collaborative project by multiple universities and educational organizations; it is co-facilitated by the University of Michigan Medical School Office of Enabling Technologies and the South African Institute for Distance Education.



Focus: HOPE: The Data Divers created an interactive map of program participants using Google Fusion Tables. The group’s final presentation is available online.

African Health OER Network: The Data Divers conducted a content analysis of YouTube comments and created a network visualization of AHON participants. (Click links for presentations from each group.)


Dr. Kerby Shedden, Alex Ocampo, Chong Zhang, Sangwon Hyun, and Yiqun Hu led an introductory workshop on the statistical analysis program R.

Brock Palen led an introductory workshop on the visualization and graphical analysis tool VisIt.